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The Retirement Trainer

Dec 10, 2021

We’re all busy this time of year–not just with holiday parties and shopping for gifts, but with a number of major financial deadlines. On top of that, it’s also time to look back at how you did financially in 2021 and create a plan to take you into 2022 and beyond.

Whether you’re giving to charity, making contributions to retirement accounts, or preparing for inflation to best protect your wealth, today’s episode is for you. We’re talking about what your year-end financial checklist should look like and how to craft a retirement strategy suited to your needs.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn: 

  • Things you can do (or have to do) before December 31 pertaining to your retirement accounts.
  • Why this might be the last year for backdoor Roth conversions.
  • How to protect yourself against a potential economic downturn in the face of the Omicron COVID variant, supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and inflation.
  • How the changes to the SECURE Act will impact distributions from an inherited IRA.
  • What to do right now if you don’t have a plan.

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