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The Retirement Trainer

Mar 31, 2021

2020 has been one of the toughest years in history for small businesses. Many companies have needed to pivot, change their entire operational model, and adopt and adapt to new technologies in order to keep the lights on. 

However, a number of businesses didn’t just survive over the last year - they thrived. One of...

Mar 19, 2021

For years, the conventional wisdom has been to grow your assets tax-deferred while you work, then pay taxes on that money when you’ve entered a lower tax bracket.

Unfortunately, that wisdom has gone out the window. Why? It’s simple: America’s massive unfunded liabilities in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and...

Mar 5, 2021

Why is it important for women to have a written income plan? Why is it more important for women than men? It’s simple: 80% of all men die married, while 80% of women are single when they pass away. To make matters worse, 50% of all women die broke.

Women need more than someone who charges them a fee to manage their...