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The Retirement Trainer

Jun 10, 2021

Over the course of the last year, demand for veterinary care has exploded. No one in the industry can remember being this busy, and this growth has come with plenty of positives, but some very real challenges as well.

Knapp Veterinary Hospital, here in Columbus, Ohio, has faced massive demand, but also had to cancel and postpone lots of important visits and procedures. As the world reopens, they continue to handle that demand and the animals in their care, while passionately serving their community and continuing to build their legacy.

Today, owner Dr. Robert Knapp joins the podcast to share the story of how he became the third in his family to launch a veterinary practice, take care of his people, and provide incredible care in difficult times.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn: 

  • The two major challenges Knapp Veterinary Hospital faced as COVID-19 spread in March of 2020.
  • How the veterinary industry has changed across a multi-generational practice.
  • Why Dr. Knapp’s business hasn’t had to change its marketing at all in the last several years.

Show Notes

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