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The Retirement Trainer

Jul 23, 2020

If you have kids, no matter what financial shape you and your family are in, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to pay for college. You’re probably wondering what your options are. You may need to know what the FAFSA is, what scholarships are available, and if they’re needs or merit-based.

You’re also probably astounded by the cost of college. It has risen eight times more than wages have over the last several decades. Furthermore, with colleges and universities in many parts of the world not able to reopen, many students are trying to figure out what their college experience will look like - and how to get the most out of it given the circumstances.

Today, we dig into the costs and benefits of college during this uncertain time, how and when to start your scholarship search, and ways to save for college. All of these things can help you achieve your family’s ultimate goal: your kids embarking on a joyful four years of learning and life experience come September.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why four-year colleges often fail students by leaving them with massive debt, unsustainable monthly payments, and inadequate job opportunities upon graduation.
  • The reason so many people don’t think they qualify for aid based on FAFSA - and how to start finding additional scholarships to take care of tuition costs.
  • Why the scholarship search needs to start when students are sophomores in high school.
  • The most effective ways to start college funds when you have children.
  • How to have blunt conversations with your kids to make sure they’re not disappointed.

Show Notes

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