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The Retirement Trainer

Aug 30, 2023

We’re overspending $5.1 billion a day more than we’re bringing in because of interest rates.” - Ed Siddell

Today, we're talking about how good news can actually lead to bad news when it comes to the economy. When something looks good, it usually comes at a cost.

We’ve all lived through a whole lot of craziness since 2020, and we’ve experienced major shifts in employment and the housing market–and inflation has played a huge role in that. In today’s episode, we explore how we got here, how overspending in government hurts us all, and when we might see some stability after what can feel like total chaos–and what to do with your money (and your financial plans) in the meantime. 

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn: 

  • How the Fed backed itself into a corner with interest rates–and why our booming economy led to such extreme inflation.
  • Why we think interest rates might freeze by next summer.
  • Why debt is at unbelievable highs–and the economic factors that might make things even worse very soon.
  • Things you can do right now to create economic leverage across your own accounts.

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