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The Retirement Trainer

Feb 21, 2023

You worked hard. You built a life, had a career, and hit some milestones along the way–and now you’re retired. So what are you going to do? Now that you’ve got all this free time, what’s your plan or purpose now?

Today’s episode is all about answering one of the toughest questions we get asked: “What do I do now?” We dig into how it feels to retire, the power of feeling uncomfortable, and how to live your life with purpose and intention in the years and decades to come. 

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn: 

  • Why almost no one who retires enjoys being sedentary for long.
  • Why men struggle so much more with the concept of retirement than women.
  • The value of scheduling one thing to do every single day.
  • Why financial, physical, and mental fitness are so interlinked.
  • How to ensure your retirement plan will keep you able to do the things you love for as long as possible. 

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