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The Retirement Trainer

Sep 30, 2021

In the last few years, we’ve all heard about preppers–people who have outfitted their basements with emergency supplies, like food and water. The fact that it’s suddenly become hard to find products like paper towels, toilet paper, and even bottled water has prompted this topic to rear its head all over again.

But what if we told you that financial prepping was also hugely important, especially as we enter into our next phase in life and into retirement? 

In today’s episode, and in the wake of a truly strange time in our economy, we’re talking about how to maintain control of your finances in unprecedented times, how to create a retirement plan that takes that uncertainty into account, and what you can do right now to stop worrying and enjoy your life.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn: 

  • Why our supply chains are completely disrupted across almost every industry.
  • How rampant inflation and rising interest rates affect our cash flow.
  • How to build a safety net into your retirement plan–and why you simply need to have time if you want to stay heavily invested in the markets.

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