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The Retirement Trainer

Aug 25, 2021

Here at The Retirement Trainer, we’ve spent the last few months focused on giving back to small businesses. Along the way, you’ve been asking us two questions more than any other: “What’s most important as a business owner,” and “how can I start a new business of my own?”

If you’re a small business owner (or want to launch one), today’s episode is especially for you. We start from the very beginning, walk you through a five-step process, discuss the importance of creating a plan for succession (even if you plan to stay a part of the business for years to come), and how to find the help you need as you get started at any age.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn: 

  • The things business owners need to start–or restart–to best position themselves for success.
  • Why there’s no magic bullet when it comes to building a thriving business–and why that’s okay.
  • The importance and power of mentorship.
  • Why you need a written plan to turn your dream into a living, breathing business.
  • How to find balance between your work life and your family life–and why this needs to be part of your initial plan to maintain your sanity.

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